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  康气通ControlAir TYPE100-BC精密调压阀汽车行业以及轮胎厂应用实例:康气通Controlair lnc成熟性行业
汽车行业 Type100-BB精密空气调压阀
纺织行业  •Type500X I/P,E/P电气转换器
造纸行业 Type550X I/P,E/P电气转换器
电子行业 Type6000-EA流量放大器
钢铁行业 Type600-BA流量放大器
燃气行业 Type300-BC空气过滤调压阀
•橡胶行业 Type400-BB通用型调压阀
•化工行业 Type700-BE精密高流量调压阀
•新能源 Type850/860空气/水调压阀
•冶金行业 Type200-BC精密空气继动器
制药行业 Type560X电气转换器

INSTALLATION type100精密调压阀
The ControlAir Precision Pressure Regulator is designed for air service only. The maximum supply pressure is 150 PSI and the control range is indicated on the label. A filter (5 micron is recommended) should be installed ahead of the regulator to prevent foreign matter in the air line from affecting the performance of the regulator. If an air line lubricator is used it should be located downstream beyond the regulator. Clean all air lines thoroughly to remove dirt and scale. Apply a
small amount of compound to the male threads only and install the regulator so that flow is in accordance with the IN and OUT ports. Make sure all connections are right and that the exhaust vents in the side of the regulator are not blocked shut. The regulator can be mounted in any
position without affecting its operation. FOR PANEL MOUNTING, THE PANEL MOUNTING NUT SHOULD BE TIGHTENED WITH A TOURQUE OF 60 IN LBS. A pressure gauge may be attached to the regulator by removing the gauge port plug. NOTE: Repeated cycling of supply pressure may cause increased leakage and premature product failure

Back off the pressure adjusting knob before putting the regulator into operation initially. Turn on the supply pressure slowly and then turn the adjusting knob until the desired output pressure is reached. It is recommended that the supply pressure be a least 5 PSI more than the regulated pressure. Since this instrument utilizes an air bleed servo-control action, a slight sound of escaping air may be heard in the area of the bleed screw. This is normal and is required for the precise control which this regulator offers.

Occasional attention may be required due to the accumulation of foreign matter in the instrument. If gauge readings appear to fluctuate without cause this usually indicates that the bleed screw requires cleaning. This can be done by merely removing it from the body and cleaning both the screen and the bleed screw. Make sure that no foreign matter is plugging the small orifice in the tip of the screw. If further attention is required repair kits and replacement parts may be purchased.

ControlAir LLC products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of eighteen months from the date of sale, provided said products are used according to ControlAir LLC recommended usages. ControlAir LLC’s liability is limited to repair, purchase price refund, or replacement in kind, at ControlAir LLC’s sole option, of any products proved defective.ControlAir LLC reserves the right to discontinue manufacture of any product or change product materials, design or specifications without notice. Note: ControlAir does not assume responsibility for the selection, use, or maintenance of any product. Responsibility for the proper selection, use,and maintenance of any ControlAir product remains solely with the purchaser and end user.

WARNING: These products are intended for use in industrial compressed air systems only. Do not use these products where pressures and temperatures can exceed those listed under Specifications.Before using these products with fluids other than air, for non-industrial applications,life-support systems, or other applications not within published specifications, consult Website:Tel: (021) 37785053 8 Columbia Drive, Amherst, NH 03031 01/2007441-622-00










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