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  WARNING: Only qualified personnel should install or service a regulator. Regulators should be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with international and applicable codes and regulations, and ControlAir instructions. If the regulator vents fluid or a leak develops in the system, it indicates that service is required. Failure to take the regulator out of service immediately may create a hazardous condition. Personal injury, equipment damage, or leakage due to escaping fluid or bursting of pressure-containing parts may result if this regulator is over pressured or is installed where service conditions could exceed the limits given in the Specifications section, or where conditions exceed any rating of the adjacent piping or piping connections. To avoid such injury or damage, provide pressurerelieving or pressure-limiting devices (as required by the appropriate code, regulation, or standard) to prevent service conditions from exceeding limits. Additionally, physical damage to the regulator could result in personal injury and property damage due to escaping fluid. To avoid such injury and damage, install the regulator in a safe location. The internal relief valve in the Type-400 regulators does not provide full overpressure protection. The internal relief valve is designed for minor seat leakage only  
  INTRODUCTION The Type-400 General Service Pressure Regulator is an air or gas service unit designed for instrumentation and general purpose use. This unit is reliable and has excellent stability and repeatability. In addition, all units are irridite coated and finished with baked epoxy paint for corrosion resistant construction necessary for harsh industrial environments. Maximum allowable inlet pressure is 250 psi. Operating temperatures are 0 to 1600F. The Type-330 has low capacity internal relief which provides very limited down-stream over pressure protection. Note: Non-relieving version does not provide internal relief. To avoid exceeding outlet pressure limits in service, a pressure-relieving or pressure-limiting device should be provided.SPECIFICATIONS Port Size 1/4" NPT Output Ranges 0-10 psig (0-0.7 BAR), 0-30 psig (0-2 BAR), 0-60 psig (0-4 BAR), 0-120 psig (0-8 BAR) Maximum Supply Pressure 250 psig (17 BAR) Mounting Pipe, bracket or panel Flow Capacity 20 scfm (660 Nl/min) at 100 psig (7 BAR) supply with 20 psig(1.4 BAR) output Exhaust Capacity 0.1 scfm (3 Nl/min) with downstream pressure 5 psig (0.3 BAR) above set point Sensitivity 1" (2.5 cm) of water Air Consumption Less than 5 scfh (2.5 Nl/min) Effect of Supply Pressure Variation Less than 0.2 psig (0.01 BAR) for 25 psig (1.7 BAR) change Temperature Limits -200 F to 1600 F (-290 C to 710 C) Weight 0.84 lb (0.38 kg) INSTALLATION Clean all pipelines to remov  










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