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ControlAir Type 900X 转换器(I/P, E/P)康气通图纸资料说明:Type 900X Miniature I/P, Electronic Air EP/rPe sTsruarnes Cduocnetrro flor Self-correcting to maintain precise control,The Type-900X I/P, E/P transducer converts an electrical signal (current or voltage) to a proportional pneumatic output. Utilizing closed-loop pressure feedback circuitry, it provides precise,stable pressure outputs to final control elements. Immunity to vibration effects or mounting position, high tolerance to impure air, and low air consumption make this unit ideal for demanding applications. The compact housing,accessible ports and easy adjustments make it perfect for constrained spaces. An integral volume booster provides high flow capacity, increasing control speed in critical applications.Features •Electronic Closed-loop Feedback Minimizes effects of vibration,mounting position, temperature and supply pressure •Compact Size Great for high density mounting•Easy Wiring Conduit, terminal block, M12 or DIN 43650 connections•Input/Output Ports on Front and Back Provides flexible pneumatic connections •Other Features Field selectable outputs (optional), field reversible, RFI/EMI protection, external orifice, supply pressures up to 130 psig •Intrinsic Safety Approvals Standard feature for 4-20mA units,Principles of Operation The heart of this unique technology is a bimorph piezo actuator that is,encapsulated in a protective skin. This provides a constant defense against,humidity and contaminants often found in process operating environments.The Type-900X utilizes a nozzle to control a pilot pressure to an integral,volume booster. The resultant output pressure is measured by a pressure,sensor which in turn provides a feedback signal to the circuitry.The feedback circuit compares this signal to the input signal and self,corrects as necessary, thus minimizing the effects of variation in vibration,position, temperature, and supply pressure. The current/voltage signal,flows to the piezo actuator causing the actuator to move toward a nozzle.This restricts the flow of air through the nozzle and creates back pressure,in the nozzle which acts as a pilot pressure to an integral booster relay,



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