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ControlAir 康气通Type 700 精密高流量调压阀图纸资料说明:

Type 700 Precision Air Pressure Regulator For applications that require high flow capacity,The Type 700 is designed for applications that require high flow
capacity and accurate process control. A poppet valve balanced by a rolling diaphragm insures a constant output pressure even during wide supply pressure variations. Stability of regulated pressure is maintained under varying flow conditions through the use of an aspirator tube which adjusts the air supply in accordance with the flow velocity.F E A T U R E S •High Flow Capacity Allows flows up to 80 scfm (2,264 Nl/min) •Sensitive Senses output pressure deviations to within 1/8 inch water column pressure •Stable Output Dampening action of aspirator tube makes this regulator insensitive to changes in flow •On-line Maintenance Can be serviced without removal from air line






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